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    Published September 2010

    In april 2010 I was hired as a freelance Interface Developer by the São Paulo based start-up Jurema.

    ArkPad puts everything an architect (and similar professions) need in one place: references, products, manufacturers, professionals, and a bunch of other useful things for the people in this business.

    Performing “only” front-end programming was nothing new to me, I’ve done a lot of freelance work where I had to code somebody else’s design. But this project was huge, I’ve never been part of such a big, complex project. So I was quite scared.

    But in the end, things turned out fine. Although it was a lot of work, I had a blast working with the guys at Jurema and being able to work in loco just made the experience even better. Mad props to everybody involved, but specially the project’s main developer, my friend Ricardo Perez.